Umbrella Insurance Protects Your Business Assets

Shelter What Matters Most with an Excess Umbrella Policy

Personal umbrella insurance provides the ultimate peace of mind. No matter what type of business or leisure activities you are involved in, you simply cannot control the actions of other people and entities, and as always, accidents happen. For assurance that your assets, your business, and your legacy will be adequately protected regardless of what perils come your way, contact the Williams Insurance Agency, Inc. to learn how we can help you safeguard your livelihood with an excess umbrella insurance policy. Shelter what matters most.

Umbrella Insurance Covers You After All Other Coverage Has Been Exhausted

Umbrella insurance provides coverage in excess of all of your other insurance policies. After all available coverage has been exhausted, your personal umbrella insurance can be applied to any or all of your underlying primary insurance policies to guard you and your business against financial devastation in case of a serious peril or mishap. After an underlying policy’s aggregate limits have been exhausted, an individual or entity who has a valid claim against you or your business can proceed to seek damages for a wide range of damages, injuries, etc. If you are found to be liable, your personal financial assets may be placed at risk. An umbrella policy provides coverage where your underlying policy or policies leave off to further shield you from financial ruin.

Umbrella Policies Offer Special Features and Benefits – Don’t Miss Out!

Aside from the obvious financial advantages of an umbrella policy, several additional, valuable special features and benefits are included in most umbrella policies:

  • Additional coverages NOT in underlying policy may be extended
  • Business insurance liability is extended
  • Elimination of coverage gaps
  • No further deductibles or retained limits
  • Slander, libel, false arrest, and defense costs covered
  • Coverage available in excess of $5 million available on select policies

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